People try to tell me the KKK and Black Panthers are American terrorist groups…

The KKK goes out of their way to destroy minority communities while the Black Panthers PROTECTED their OWN communities.

Stay woke.

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Society loves to portray the Black Panthers as the villains in America. They’ll only tell you that they held guns and were “militant”. The Black Panthers did many positive things for the Black Community; the Free Breakfast Program is one of them. It was designed to feed Black Children a good breakfast each morning so they could retain information at school. Too many Black Children, to this very day, go to school hungry because they cannot afford food in the morning. It has been proven that students do not learn as well when they are hungry. The Panthers were aware of this and wanted to ensure they had the opportunity to receive an adequate meal. As Huey said, “The Children always inherit the Revolution” so obviously they needed and still need to be invested in. They’ll never tell you about this but I’m not surprised. “I Do Not Expect The White Media to Show Positive Black Images.” Written By @KingKwajo

You go, girls.

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the thing about the bible is what matters is the truth of it. love other people and love god who gave you ungrateful shits jesus. what doesn’t matter is legalistic bullshit about men and women and the gays and when you can or cannot eat shrimp


actual video of me graduating high school

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